Ultrasonic Cleaning Adds Value to Disaster Restoration Services

In the wake of hurricanes Harvey and Irma, and the wildfires in Napa and Ventura counties, there is a new appreciation among insurance companies for disaster restoration and contents cleaning companies that utilize ultrasonic cleaning technology. Why? Well, not surprisingly, it boils down to money.

The fact is, insurance firms have been increasingly seeking out restoration and contents cleaning companies that use ultrasonic cleaning technology because they are their first line of defense against costly “cash outs” and “total losses.” This is truer now thanks to the recent natural disasters’ costly destruction and mounting property insurance claims. Insurance adjusters and agents throughout the affected regions are learning to ask for ultrasonics when dealing with contents damaged by fire, smoke, water and sewage back-up because of the cleaning technology’s effectiveness in terms of time and money saved.

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Author: 18557FLOODS.com

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