Remote Monitoring: Embracing New Innovations in Water Damage Restoration

Remote monitoring has been a buzzword in the restoration industry for a several years. In case anyone reading this is not familiar with it, remote monitoring means setting up sensors on site so that data can then be viewed with a mobile device or computer in real time. Most remote monitoring systems focus primarily on measuring relative humidity and temperature but can also include dew point, grains per pound and equilibrium moisture content readings. Some systems can even be set up to turn on and off drying equipment remotely or under pre-set conditions.

The enthusiasm for this technology is understandable due to the system’s ability to continually monitor the ambient conditions, day and night, around the clock, from a phone or a computer. However, as is sometimes the case with new technology, the experience does not always match the expectation. In the case of remote monitoring, there has been some disappointment and that is partly due to the complicated process of setting up the equipment and the often limited information actually obtained from it.

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