Cleaning Structures for Chemically Sensitized Individuals | Part 3

In the first part of this series, basic information was offered regarding the causes of chemical sensitization and the impact that such an experience has on a person’s life.  I also warned readers that I was willing to “name names” of various products we have identified. It can be helpful in addressing situations where sensitized individuals are involved. I remind the readers again that we have no financial ties in the form of sales commissions, referral fees, etc. to any of the items referenced in this series.

The second installment focused on the importance of cleaning. Since chemical sensitization often involves minute quantities of materials which are invisible, resting on surfaces, and even the air inside the structure, scrupulous cleaning is generally the first step toward improving the environment for the impacted individuals.  The general rule of thumb in these circumstances is if you cannot get the surfaces visibly clean, it is next to impossible to get them scientifically clean. This is a term that refers to measuring cleaned surfaces and evaluating the effectiveness of the work by determining how much of a particular residue is left.

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